How It All Began

A few years ago, we set out to create a tour experience that was all at once original, natural feeling, and entertaining. No more rote recitals of information that could have just as easily been gleaned from a Wikipedia page. No more big groups. No more boredom.

It is our goal to connect with guests in meaningful ways, and also expose them to not just mainstream sights, but the real life spots that are often overlooked by the big guys. We take you deep and show you how locals live life, with an emphasis on the fun aspects!

Importantly, we are big believers that you shouldn’t have to struggle with your guide’s English. Our guides are native level English speakers, or honestly equivalent. We also offer some tours in other languages. In those cases, our guides are native speakers of those. We also believe that tours should be equal parts entertaining and educational. Maybe sometimes even more on the entertaining side. But rest assured guides are also well trained and ready to give you as much info as you like. It’s all about giving you the balance you like.

Japan done right for you, by people that can communicate with and relate to you in ways superior to those canned speech spewing, bus boarding, checklist oriented tour companies.

If our pre-designed tours do not fit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at


The People in Charge

Kevin Boynton

Kevin Boynton

With over ten years experience living in Japan, Kevin’s ready (chomping at the bit, really) to share with you everything great about the place. Most people say he’s great fun to tour Japan with. Others say he’s just kinda fun, but is at least full of information and entertaining insight. Either one is a win!