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Tokyo Night Tour - Local Tokyo Food and Drink Adventure - Tour

Tokyo Night Tour - Local Tokyo Food and Drink Adventure

  • East Exit of JR Oimachi Station
  • 3 Hours
Starting from ¥ 12,000

We think everyone should experience a small group (maximum of 6 guests), food and drink inclusive Tokyo night tour that takes you deeper than what the Shinjuku or Shibuya areas can provide. Come with us and leave the canned, prefab tourist run behind, and instead get yourself a look into how locals unwind after work, all with nary a tourist in sight. Over the course of our 3 hours together, we'll visit 3 different standing bar restaurants (known as "tachinomi" in Japanese), which could roughly be depicted as bustling tapas places. There will be plenty of food, just in case the "bar" part makes you think otherwise. But there'll be drinks too. We spread our tachinomi visits across two different neighborhoods, with a six minute train ride between the two. Adjunct to the tachinomi odyssey is a slightly more anthropological one, as we cover along the way a bounty of cultural sights and topics, from nightlife to grocery shopping and more. With food, three drinks, and train fare included, you won't need to spend a single, shiny yen this carefree night. Our goal is to take you away from the visitor masses, and show you the sights, flavors, and people that make Tokyo nights special. By keeping our groups small, we can navigate relatively under the radar, and you're almost certain to get the opportunity to chat with locals too. People sometimes tell us their night with us is like a night out with friends who know where to go in Tokyo. Nothing makes us happier :) Know Before You Book Japan's drinking age is 20. Minimum participant age is 15. You will be spending most of the night walking or standing, just as the locals do when they do a night out like this.

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LGBT Tokyo Then and Now - Tour

LGBT Tokyo Then and Now

  • Outside Kamiya Bar
  • 3 Hours
Starting from ¥ 11,000

Behind every stoic Japanese businessman face there is a secret, thus one aspect of "honne tatemae," which loosely translates to something along the lines of keeping the publicly acceptable face forward, and the true face within. This, combined with Japanese culture's general disdain for public affection, might make Tokyo seem to not have as vibrant an LGBT presence as hoped. Worry not: In a city as big as Tokyo, there is of course a thriving gay scene -- if you know where to look. Tonight, you'll not only see Japan's largest gayborhood, Shinjuku 2-chome, but Asakusa in the evening as well. You'll also get a solid primer in Japanese gay society, both past and present. We'll stop along the way for a local Japanese meal (veg options available), and a couple of drinks too. Get ready for a well-rounded adventure into the heart of homosexuality in Japan, led by a friendly native (or equivalent) speaker of your selected language who knows what it means to be gay in Japan.  

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