Learn about real-life Osaka. Then get down to some eating.

Experience two of Osaka's most dynamic and delicious foodie neighborhoods on this small group (a maximum of only six guests), guided nighttime tour. With a (hopefully) humorous native or honestly native-equivalent English speaker as your guide, you'll giddily explore the Tenma and Kyobashi neighborhoods, punctuated by a healthy and hearty dinner's worth of tasty and distinctive treats. Dishes vary by night, but local favorites such as dote nikomi (slow cooked beef), sashimi and also cooked fish, vegetable dishes in the local style, kushi katsu (fried food on sticks), and so, so much more. We can accommodate most any dietary restriction, so vegetarians and even vegans need not fret. While out and about over the course of our evening, you'll also learn about the history and culture of food and life in general here in Osaka, along the way getting great insider tips about this fascinating city. With a full dinner and three drinks included in your tour, you can forget about the needless anxiety and mystery surrounding the added-cost surprises that some other evening adventures may foist upon you.

Over the course of the night, there will be about one and a half hours of walking around and exploring, and about one and a half hours of eating. It's a nice balance, if we do say so ourselves! Depending on the evening, all or some of the restaurants may be the local "standing bar" type restaurants – social, lively places that have amazing in-house made food in addition to a bountiful drink selection.

Osaka is famous for its food, and you're going to see it all tonight! Except takoyaki and okonomiyaki, because you can eat those on your own or with some more pedestrian Osaka walkabout! :) Prepare for a tasty and entertaining romp through a very real, very local Osaka! Bye, bye Dotonbori!

Oh, and by the way, if you're interested in trying some Kobe beef, check out our affordably priced Kobe beef option at checkout!

Know Before You Book


  • The legal drinking age in Japan is 20.

  • While not overtly risque, the tour includes commentary and contents that may not be suitable for pre-teens.

3 Hours 23 Jan, 23 Jan, 25 Jan, and more McDonald's at Temma Station
What's in, what's out

What is included in the tour

  • A dinner's worth of food (with an extra dish of Kobe area beef if you select that option)

  • Three beverages total (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

  • Train fare for our short journey between neighborhoods.

What is NOT included in the tour

Drinks beyond the three provided

What makes this tour special
  • Explore two different, very local neighborhoods

  • Enjoy food across three different restaurants

  • Local drinks at each stop

  • 6 customer maximum ensures a more intimate experience

  • Truly entertaining guides – no robotic recitals!!

Pickup point
McDonalds at JR Tenma Station View on Map